Dining at the Royal Tahitien.

Located on the eastern coast, 3 kms (2 miles) away from downtown Papeete, the hotel restaurant « Le Royal Tahitien » offers a unique panoramic view of the volcanic black sand beach and a little pass where local fishermen come and go for fishing. During the day, sometimes you could admire various nautical activities such as windsurfing or paddling that will colour your day. From August to October, if you are lucky, you could watch whales swimming along the reef.

Our restaurant has a typical traditional decor with a traditional Tahitian ceiling. Our chef is specialized in local and international cuisine and well-known for the tropical decoration of his plates.

The hotel also offers a unique, large tropical garden with a small river full of eels, turtles and fishes.

In addition, every Friday and Saturday evening, the bar and restaurant welcome local bands that will immerse you in a traditional Polynesian atmosphere. These nights are well-known by local dancers and you could experience the Tahitian way of entertaining.

Opened daily from 6.30 AM till 10 AM for breakfast, 11.30 AM till 2 PM for lunch and from 6.30 PM till 10 PM for dinner. Room service is also available at mealtimes.

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